Positive Dog Training

Dog training should be fun.  We all have busy schedules but have come to dog class to improve ours and our dogs life’s.  Using positive reinforcement/lure training, we take advantage of the canine’s visual learning skills and mix in verbal communication. Combine all of this with weekly tricks or games, for a winning experience.

Why Choose Positive Canine?

Even when punishment-based methods are effective, they succeed only in teaching your dog to obey.
By contrast, positive reinforcement training builds trust and strengthens your relationship with your dog.
Aversive training methods create stress and confusion for many dogs.
In addition to causing needless anxiety for your pooch, these methods can also limits progress because stress can slow your dog’s learning curve.
Positive reinforcement methods send a clearer signal about the behaviour you are looking for, and leads to faster results.
Training sessions built around rewards are great fun for your dog.
And when you see how eager he is to please you and how much fun he is having, you’ll find yourself enjoying every minute too!

Puppy Pre-School

For dogs under the age of 24 weeks at the start of class.

Is your puppy chewing everything in sight? Using you or members of the family as a teething ring? Introduction and use of a crate, solving your leash walking and jumping up issues.  All this and more is covered in this class designed for the puppy in your home.

Whether you are and experienced dog owner or this is your first puppy- this is the class for you.

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Basic Class

Dogs over the age of five months are welcomed into this class.  We work on the basics of sit, down, stand, stay, walking on leash, coming when called and no jumping.

Due to our class’ excellent teacher-student ratio we are able to also help guide you in other issues you may be experiencing.

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Intermediate Class

OK, face it you’re hooked!  You are enjoying working with your dog and want to fine tune what you have learnt in the previous class(es).

We will gently push and prod you and your dog to become the best team you can be.  Perfecting previously learned behaviours, adding new ones and including weekly challenges.

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Our courses offer the most innovative & effective methods to train your dog

And you'll have fun while you're doing it!
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